It’s a Small World After All: Generational Diversity, Accepting Different Cultures.  We Are All In This Together: Learning to Appreciate One
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Leadership & Management

It’s Not Easy, But It’s Simple— Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will understand the difference between leaders and managers.  Team Building: Coaches Coach and Players Play.

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Jones Jewels & Associates, Inc. is a leadership development and training institute. Through a variety of workshops, we provide necessary training to teach fundamental managing tools. Our courses are directed towards management professionals, as well as, their staff.  For the employees, our training will benefit them in the areas of productivity, efficiency, and career development, which will in turn enhance their earning potential.  For management, our workshops can help to improve communications, enhance employee performance, and improve employee retention. By using innovative, fun, and creative techniques, Jones Jewels & Associates, Inc. provides unforgettable and life altering workshops.
Our brochure list of workshops is a sample listing of our most requested workshops.  All workshops can be customized to fit the needs of the organization.

The Extreme Makeover Series
The focus of The Extreme Makeover is to help attendees grow in all areas of leadership:
(Communication, Time Management, Teamwork, Accountability, and Mentorship)


No! It’s a Complete Sentence
How Do I Market Me?  Improve Your Teams Customer Service. 
Each attendee will leave with an understanding of their identity and the value they add to their environment.

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Featured Training



Choose to use the current program which
includes Time Management, Generational Diversity, and Communication; or you can put together a program from the workshops available in order to create the desired outcome.


Personal Development

The View from Here is Mighty Clear:
Front Windshield vs. Rear View Mirror — Participants will learn why yesterday is in the tomb; tomorrow is in the womb. Read more.

Time Management

Can You Really Manage Time? It is impossible to manage time, but we can manage our distractions.