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Weekly Events

Through a variety of events, we are able to reach the community and provide assistance to those who desire a reach their goals.

Chat & Chew

Join us as we go in to great detail on the world today and how we can prosper in it.


Jones Jewels & Associates, Inc. is the  leader in professional development and empowerment events. Continue to check here for our next event.

Women Empowerment Day

Just as women face daily challenges, young
women are continually developing innovative, effective ways to improve their lives.  By bringing together their wisdom and creativity, young women are leading change.

By Appointment

Sessions are available for our busy adults who have to stick to a schedule. 

Training- On-The-Go
We come to you! These can be  small or large  group sessions.

Featured Events

Group  Training

These session are available for team building and leadership sessions.

The Extreme Makeover Weekend

The focus of The Extreme Makeover is to help attendees grow in all areas of leadership: (Communication, Time Management, Teamwork, Accountability, and Mentorship). This is a weekend long workshop.