Jones Jewels & Associates, Inc. is a leadership development and training institute.  By using innovative, fun, and creative techniques, Jones Jewels & Associates, Inc. provides unforgettable and life altering workshops.

From Vision to Reality

Keynote Speakers

Our speakers are known for the ability to not only motivate, but more importantly
to inspire.  Motivation is an emotional response that is temporary in nature, while
inspiration is the act of being moved to make a change in the course of ones direction.



Through a variety of workshops, we provide necessary training to teach fundamental managing tools.


​Our courses are directed towards management professionals, as well as, their staff.


​By exploring the 5 Areas of Leadership we assist you in reaching specific tasks and objectives.  The purpose is to provide training and development to assist individuals in moving toward their potential.

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Communications Skills

No! It’s a Complete Sentence

"True Wealth Starts in the Mind"


How you do anything is how you do everything. The principles shared in this book can be used in many areas of your life, Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social/Relational and Financial. Allow each chapter to impact and move your life from bad to good or good to great. Use the principles to move you from Vision to Reality, bringing you closer to the person you wish to become.

A made-up mind is a powerful weapon, it can tear down walls or build them up. You decide.


It’s a Small World After All: Accepting Different Cultures

Time Management
It is impossible to manage time, but we can manage our distractions.